Water Tanker

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Tank Construction

The tank is constructed either in an elliptical or round form. Tank material can be either
Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Aluminium.

Water Pump Configuration

Platform with handrail and ladder at the back of the truck. For pump mounting and access to manhole only.

The water pump can be configured as required.

  1. Pump suction from the tank, filled through a manhole in the top.
  2. Pump suction from the tank, filled through a manhole in the tank or filled from secondary suction on the pump.
  3. Supply to spray bars or low-pressure hose reels.
Hose Trays or Hooks

Hose Tray on one side run the full length of the water tank.
Equipped with rubber bands to keep piping in place.


Hose Hooks mounted on the side of the tank shell for compact hose storage.

Low Water Buzzer

Low water sensor fitted inside the tank with a buzzer and red light inside the truck to warn the driver if the water level is below 1000 liters.


Various options of plastic toolboxes:

  1. Toolbox 81004 – Dimensions: 630x450x480, Capacity: 77.5 litres
  2. Toolbox 81006 – Dimensions: 830x500x470, Capacity: 119.0 litres
  3. Toolbox 81008 – Dimensions: 1030x500x480, Capacity: 154.0 litres

Tank Capacity

Sludge Tank Capacity (l)

Wheelbase (mm)

2-Axle Truck

4000 – 8000

3750 – 5700

3-Axle Truck

10000 – 16000

5250 – 5600

Tank Superstructure

Tank in Stainless Steel Grades 3CR12.

Internal baffles bolted for inspection and adjustment

Ø 500 mm hinged quick access lid with safety overflow valve.

Vent pipe at front of the tank, fitted with a 25-mm vacuum relief valve.

40mm contents indicator fitted.

DN80 Suction Valve.

DN80 Feed Valve.

Hose Tray running the length of the tank on each side.

LED Working light at the back.

Low Water Buzzer.


Tank in high-quality Stainless Steel 304/316 or Aluminium.


Water level indicator in the cab.

Pipes as required.

Water Pump System

Self-priming water pump with flow rates of 500 l/min and ahead of 15 m.

P.T.O Driven with the closed coupled hydraulic system.


Pump Capacity 1500 l/min and head of 15m or 2800 l/min and ahead of 15m.

Spray Bars.

Low-Pressure Hose Reel.

Operation and Control

Main control in the truck cab.


Control Panel at the back for starting and stopping the pump.

Suitable for a variety of 4×2 or 6×4 chassis.

  • Large capacity water tank
  • Hose Tray on hose hooks
  • Water pump configurable for different operations
  • Spray bars
  • Customizable to customer preferences