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Tank Construction

Tank shell is constructed from 4.5mm 3CR12 Stainless Steel. The dished ends of the tank are 6% Toro-spherical.

The tank is constructed with either internal baffles or external stiffening rings, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Vacuum Pump Configuration

Various options for vacuum pump flow rates. Built-in vacuum – pressure changeover valve, a Non-return valve in the manifold.

Safety Valves to protect against overpressure and vacuum breaker to protect the pump.

Primary and secondary protection devices to ensure maximum uptime of the vacuum pump.

Hose Trays
  • Hose Trays run the full length of the vacuum tank.
  • Equipped with rubber bands to keep piping in place.
  • Holes at end of hose tray to drain any liquids left in pipes.
Hand Wash Tank

Polyurethane tank with a capacity of 30L water and built-in soap dispenser mounted on the side of the chassis.

Critical for operator’s hygiene and keeping truck cab clear of any sewage of effluent.

Tank Capacity

Sludge Tank Capacity (l)

Payload (kg)

Wheelbase (mm)

2-Axle Truck

4000 – 8000


3750 – 5700

3-Axle Truck

10000 – 12000


5250 – 5600

Tank Superstructure

Tank in Stainless Steel Grades 3CR12.

Cyclone Filtration.

DN150 Dump Valve.

DN100 De-watering valve.

Hose Tray running the length of the tank on each side.

30L Water Tank with soap dispenser for washing hands.

LED Working light at the back.


Tank in high-quality Stainless Steel 304/316.

Side Mounted Water Tanks.

Side Underrun.

Toolbox 550x550x550mm (LxBxH).

Deep hose trays.

Pipes as required.

Vacuum System

Sliding vane vacuum pump air cooled PN45 with air flow rates of 5300 l/min and a maximum vacuum of 0.85 bar.

Changeover valve for the switch from suction to pressure mode.


Suction Capacity 8200 or 12000 l/min.

Operation and Control

Main control in the truck cab.


Control Panel at the back for starting and stopping the pump.

Suitable for a variety of 4×2 or 6×4 chassis.

  • Large capacity waste tank
  • Hose Tray on each side
  • Changeover valve for the switch from suction to pressure mode.
  • Variety of optional extras
  • Customizable to customer preferences