Combi Standard

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Superstructure Design

We offer different versions for the ideal combination of fresh water and sludge tank, while simultaneously ensuring optimal axle load distribution and maximum payload.

Tank Layouts include:

  • Tank in tank design.
  • Freshwater in the front section of the tank, sludge tank in the back.
  • Combination of fresh water tanks at the front and sides.
  • Freshwater side-mounted water tanks only.
High Pressure and Vacuum Pumps

High Pressure and vacuum pumps mounted below the chassis powered from a split shaft PTO.

Vacuum Pump

Positive displacement vacuum pump with tri-lobe rotors and lateral injection cooling system.

Flow rates ranging from 1300 m3/h to 4000 m3/h.

High-Pressure Pump

High-pressure plunger pump installed with pneumatic regulator and safety valves.

Flow rates between 250 – 300 l/min and pressure rates between 200 – 300 bar.

Jetting Hose Reel

Large capacity Hose Reels mounted on the back of the tank door and on the side behind the rear wheel. The Hose Reel is designed to allow for a maximum rotation angle of 180° and is kept in place by a mechanical locking device.

Suction Boom

Multiple Options Available:

  • Fixed suction boom VSB300M with manual 300° swivel, up and down functions.
  • Fixed suction boom VSB311M with manual 300° swivel, up and down functions and 1100mm Telescopic extension.
  • Fixed suction boom VSB311H with hydraulic 300° swivel, up and down functions and 1100mm Telescopic extension.
Toolbox and Hose Tray

Hose Trays run the full length of the vacuum tank.

Equipped with rubber bands to keep piping in place.

Holes at end of hose tray to drain any liquids left in pipes.

Control Panels

All controls for the operation and of the workings of the machine are fitted in an illuminated, lockable, water-resistant control panel. The panel can easily be removed for maintenance by means of a quick connect electrical plug.

Camera Systems

Reverse Camera with Monitor Select, 7″ Digital LCD with Camera Select, IP69K, Ultra-Low Light.

Hand Wash Tank

Polyurethane tank with a capacity of 30L water and built-in soap dispenser mounted on the side of the chassis.

Critical for operator’s hygiene and keeping truck cab clear of any sewage of effluent.

Tank Capacity

Sludge Tank Capacity (l)

Water Tank Capacity (l)

Payload (kg)

Wheelbase (mm)

2-Axle Truck

4000 – 5000

4000 – 5000


5200 – 5700

3-Axle Truck

7000 – 10 000

3000 – 8000

10 500

5250 – 5600

4-Axle Truck

10500 – 12500

6000 – 8000

12 500


Tank Structure

Tank in Stainless Steel Grades 3CR12

Hydraulically opening rear door with manual locks

Cyclone Filtration

Tipping System for emptying the tank

DN150 Dump Valve

DN100 De-watering valve


Tank in ADR-execution

Tank in high-quality Stainless Steel 304/316

Hydraulic Locking Clamps for the rear door

Auto-drain for cyclone filtration

Side Underrun

Saddle Water Tanks

Vacuum System

Jurop tri-lobe vacuum pump PVT400 with air flow rates of 2100 m3/h and a maximum vacuum of 0.85 bar.

Suction Boom, DN125, up and down function, manual swivelling with hose reel

DN100 suction valve in the rear door


Suction Capacity of 2100 or 3300 m3/h

Changeover valve for the switch from suction to pressure mode

Telescopic suction boom, DN150, 1.35m extendable, up and down function, 300° manual swiveling

Telescopic suction boom, DN150, 1.35m extendable, up and down function, 300° hydraulic swivelling

Operation and Control

Main control panel towards the rear of the vehicle

Reel control panel for easy operations


Wired remote with functions for the suction boom, jetting hose reel.

  • Radio remote control
  • Suction Boom Control
  • Hose Reel Control
  • Vacuum and high-pressure pump control
  • Tank door and tipping

High-Pressure Water System

Pratissoli high-pressure water pump MW45 with a jetting capacity of 269 liters per minute and maximum water pressure of 155 bar

Jetting Hose Reel with capacity of 160m 1” HD jetting hose (Supplied with 120m)


Jetting Capacity of 345 liters a minute at a pressure of 200 bar

Side Mounted Hand Reel with Capacity of 50m ½” HD jetting hose

Suitable for a variety of 4×2 or 6×4 chassis.

  • Large capacity water and waste tank
  • 300° Rotation Suction Boom
  • 160-meter Capacity Jetting Hose Reel
  • Variety of optional extras
  • Customizable to customer preferences